OSARIS reaches milestone 0.7

After more than half a year of development, the new version represents a major step forward for the ‘Open Source SAR Investigation System’. Further automation substantially reduced manual configuration efforts, output data is now consistently stored as analysis-ready geocoded stacks, and processing efficiency was further increased.

New features include:

  • Automatic merging of Sentinel-1 swaths
  • Automatic merging of bursts from multiple slices
  • Automatic omission of burst outside area of interest before interferometric processing
  • Cutting of output files to an area of interest defined by boundary box coordinates in the config file
  • Simplified output directory structure containing only one directory per dataset without sub-directories
  • New output file naming, now consistently beginning with scene dates in the format YYYYMMDD–YYYYMMDD
  • New module ‘GACOS Correction’ to handle atmospheric disturbances
  • New module ‘Detrend’ to remove large-scale trends
  • ASF as alternative download provider for Sentinel-1 orbits and scenes

Read more about OSARIS on CryoTools or proceed to the download and collaboration page on GitHub right away.

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